Trump and his promises

The 45th election in the most powerful country in the world. Result? A nightmare. Just a week in office, Donald Trump, the most unanticipated president in the history of the United States, signed an executive order to keep many foreigners from entering the country. Just like he promised. It includes a ban on visas to the US to nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The US is currently bombing four of these countries.

What is an executive order? It is a legally binding document that states government policy and guides federal agencies on how to implement it. But laws that were previously approved by Congress can’t just be replaced by the president because congress and the courts have the power to fight back.

The good news is that a federal judge in Brooklyn has issued a ruling that temporarily allows people who have landed in the United States with a valid visa to remain.

The scenes at San Francisco Airport are more proof that Trump does not “represent America” like he claims. The massive crowd that tirelessly showed their support and even tried to shut down the airport included Americans of many different races and religions. They stood their ground, chanting slogans like “Muslims are welcome here” and “No ban… no wall”. Needless to say, social media is flooding with posts from all over the world showing support for the oppressed with a comparatively small number of Trump supporters on the sidelines. A tweet says, “My Iranian-American’s friend’s father is in Iran right now for a visit. He’s a green card holder. Under #MuslimBan, he can’t come back.” Another one says that disabled Iranian green card holders, aged 88 and 83 were detained for hours. These are just two of thousands of similar cases.

It doesn’t end there. So far, we have seen that Trump says what he wants to say. And almost always, data says the opposite. One of his baseless claims is that sanctuary cities that protect immigrants from being deported are incubators of crime. He promised to suspend all federal funding to these cities including Seattle, San Francisco and California. But are undocumented immigrants dangerous? Studies show that sanctuary cities are in fact, safer than others. So there’s proof that the leader of the free world is actually just a bully.

The fact is that white Americans cause the largest numbers of American deaths by terrorist acts in the US. As expected, Trump chooses to ignore that.  In the US, every minute nearly 20 people, mostly women, are victims of partner abuse. But the president is too busy being a hero against honour killings and trying to make abuse look like a Muslim thing, while blocking funding for programmes that try to prevent domestic violence against women in his own country.

Millions from all over the world are victims of alarmingly inhumane and undiplomatic world leaders. The way to live through times like this is to be fearless and resist.




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